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Architecture that flies

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Jayvo MC3 (Multi Cloud Cost Comparator)

Trying to make a smart decision on choosing your public cloud provider? MC3 can help you find projected costs for your workloads on the leading public cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP

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A sound architecture is your ammunition against architecture obsolesence. Archymo aims to provide you this ammunition through several services

Cloud Migration

Thinking seriously about migrating to the Cloud and want expert advice on how to get started, we can help you.

Enterprise Cloud Datawarehouse

Design a cloud datawarehouse to get insights to your data through SQL workloads

Enterprise Data Lakes & Delta Lakes

Build an enterprise data lake that serves the data needs of all your teams while maintaining strong governance controls

Software Architecture Consulting

Best design-patterns to incorporate in your design whether you are deploying to a public cloud or releasing bespoke software for your customers.

Cost Optimization on the Cloud

Optimising costs on the Cloud is non-trivial, it is a combination of simplifying decisions, trade-offs and right choice of Cloud services. We can help you achieve this.

Enterprise Streaming Data Analytics

If you are a consumer or a producer of streaming data, build scalable and high throughput stream analytics solutions.

Enterprise Big Data Analytics

For large volumes of data in your software ecosystem and a need to optimally process that data, design a scalable and cost-efficient Big Data Analytics solution.

ML on the Cloud

Design your AI/ML solution on the Cloud to power the AI-apps in your ecosystem. Build the whole pipeline that efficiently allows your data to be consumed by your AI/ML apps.

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Helping companies make smart decisions on their software design needs.

Founded in 2020 Jayvo Technosciences provides top-notch consulting on important software decisions that established as well as new-age companies need to make in their software journey. We do not provide point solutions but sound architectural guidance that spans the entire software journey.

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Top-notch consulting on important software decisions

Please write to us at connect@jayvo.tech